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The Net4ce My Account page serves as your Control Panel from where you can manage how you receive and pay for Leads generated on the Net4ce Platform. Following is a quick explanation of each of the sections found in My Account:

Member Account Details:

Please ensure that your information is correct and up to date at all times.
Simply click the Edit Profile button to update your information.
Leads Email 1 is the most important field as this is the email address which we'll use to send leads to your company. 

Leads Management:

This section controls how you will be receiving leads:

Leads Active / Paused

Net4ce allows you to Start and Pause Leads at any time.

Green indicates that Leads are Active and you wish to receive leads from Net4ce.
Simply click the button to Pause Leads.
Red indicates that Leads are Paused. You will not receive leads from Net4ce at this time.
Simply click the button to Activate Leads.

Auto Assigned / Manual Screening

There are two options for you to select when it comes to receiving leads from us.

Green indicates that Leads are Automatically purchased and emailed to you based on your Lead Setup Criteria. You will receive an email immediately with all the Lead details and contacts as soon as it is submitted online.
Simply click the button to switch to Manual Screening.
Manual Screening allows you to screen leads first before you make a purchase. You will receive an email with lead details (no contacts). If it is a lead you are interested in, you can buy it from My Account. Only then will all the Lead Detail with Contacts be sent to you.
Simply click the button to Activate Leads.

More about Auto Assign:

Auto Assign is great if you are looking for lots of leads with no hassle. All leads matching your lead setup criteria will be purchased and sent to you automatically.

Auto Assign means you will receive the contact details first and you might beat other furniture removal companies to the client.
However, you might pay for leads that you do not want or cannot cater for. For example, you are fully booked on that specific move date, etc.

Lead Tracking

Net4ce features an advanced Lead Tracking System that allows service providers to manage all their purchased leads online and in real time.

Now you can track the progress of every purchased lead from start to finish. You can clearly distinguish between leads that are new (still pending), leads that have been quoted and those that have been completed / processed. 

The Net4ce Tracking System features a user-friendly interface which keeps detailed records of all actions performed on every lead.

The system allows multiple users per company and keeps detailed records of every individual's actions on the system.

How it Works:

To Access the Net4ce Tracking System, click Tracking in the Menu.

On the Tracking Page you will see a detailed Listing of all Purchased Leads that are currently open and awaiting processing. To start work on a specific lead, simply click the Open button. It will open a detailed view for that specific Lead. Once Open, based on the status of the Lead, you will be able to perform certain actions on the lead.

Important Notes:

  • Every action performed is time stamped and listed in detail in the Lead History section on the same page. This listing serves as a complete audit trail for your own record purposes.
  • All actions performed in the Tracking System is confidential and for your eyes only. It will only be shared with fellow staff members / members within the same company. None of this information is shared with anyone else.

Tracking Actions:

In the Lead Actions Section you will find a number of buttons which will allow you to perform certain action on each lead. Here's what they do:

  Before you can start working on any lead, you have to click the attend button.
  You can add a comment at any time. Here you can share important information regarding this lead, without affecting the status of the lead.
  Once you have quoted the client, click this button to change the status of the Lead to Quoted.
  Now you can send the Lead Details to any email address. A record is kept of each email sent.
  Click the complete button if you wish to close the lead and to remove it from your Live Tracking list.

Once completed the Lead will be removed from your Tracking screen. You will still have access to it via your My Leads section.

Remember: Use the Search feature to find records of the same status, specific reference numbers, etc.

Lead Pool

The Lead Pool consists of two primary sections:

Section 1 - Lead Pool Search:

Use the Search controls provided to search for leads in specific areas, towns, etc. Your are allowed to view leads up to 7 days ago. This allows you to find leads submitted over weekends or public holidays.

NOTE: The Number of Days setting and the Do not show sold leads values are stored in your account, so you only have to set it once and the system will remember it.

Section 2 - Current Available Leads

The Lead Pool allows users to Buy leads that are currently available. Simply click the Buy Now button and you will receive all the details of the move via email or go to My Leads to find the information there.

Distance Indicators
  Local Move. Pickup City is the same as the Delivery City.
  Medium Distance Move. Pickup Province is the same as the Delivery Province, but the Pickup City is not the same as the Delivery City.
  Long Distance Move. The Pickup Province differs from the Delivery Province.
Action Buttons
  The Lead is for sale. Click to purchase
  You have already purchased the lead. Click to view the details.
  There are no more funds available in your Leads budget. Click to Top-up your Account.
  The lead has reached its maximum sales threshold. Unlike other Local and International Lead Providers, we are committed to sell a lead to no more than 4 companies, allowing every Service Provider a fair chance (25% chance) of landing the deal.

Notes: When you buy a Lead it is removed from your Available Lead Pool immediately. We have scripts in place to ensure that you cannot buy a lead more than once.  







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